Audio equipment is just as much a visual experience.

That’s why we’re passionate about customisation at Artifi. We turn your beautifully crafted speakers into timeless pieces of art that reflect your unique personality. Whether you want the latest design or a family memory printed – we’re here.

Who we are

At Artifi we design and manufacture custom covers for Bang & Olufsen speakers. Our team of designers and product specialists are committed to creating compelling covers at the very highest quality. We’re extremely passionate about customisation – we’re all about giving the customer the capability to create covers that perfectly align with their imagination.

Our dedication to customising, a keen eye for excellent quality and endless desire to innovate beyond what anyone else can do are why Artifi is renowned worldwide within Bang & Olufsen circles.

Artifi is owned and run by Odyssey Media Group within Henley-on-Thames in the UK. Odyssey Media Group has had the pleasure of working with numerous Bang & Olufsen stores around the world for many years and continues to do so to this day.

Working in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen stores

Our bond with Bang & Olufsen and its stores couldn’t be more robust. Odyssey Media Group, Artifi’s owner, has had the pleasure of working directly with many Bang & Olufsen stores across the globe. Including working on projects with Bang & Olufsen headquarters in Denmark.